10 Reasons Peyton Manning is a THUG

peyton1. He Doesn’t Respect Authority

Manning thinks he is above his coaches. He always has, too. Watch him at the line of scrimmage. After getting the play call from his offensive coordinator, he inevitably changes it to whatever he wants to run. Selfish. It’s blatant defiance of authority and disrespectful of his coaches. Unfortunately, kids see this every Sunday. But Peyton continues to do it.

In the past, Peyton even had his dad push the commissioner to change rules to benefit the quarterback. No player in the history of the NFL has been more disrespectful to authority.

2. He Craves the Spotlight

Try to get through a commercial break without seeing Manning’s face in an ad. All he seems to care about is becoming famous. Maybe if he wasn’t so self-centered, he’d have more than one measly Super Bowl win over Rex Grossman.

3. He Only Cares About Money

This goes hand-in-hand with taking every opportunity to be in commercials. Manning will endorse anything for cash. His hip-hop “Football On Your Phone” ad with his brother is the best example. He’s the epitome of the greedy, modern athlete who cares more about money and fame than success with dignity.

4. He Blames His Teammates

A true leader takes responsibility for his actions. But who can forget Manning calling his kicker an “idiot kicker”? Who can forget Manning ripping his offensive line for protection issues after the Colts lost in the 2005-2006 AFC playoffs to the Steelers? Or how he gestures and grimaces at his receivers after incompletions? It seems no one in our society takes responsibility for their actions anymore, and Manning has led that trend for years.

5. He Has No Loyalty

Manning was drafted in 1998 by the Indianapolis Colts. Yet despite being there for 15 years, he moved on quite easily to Denver and their $96 million, didn’t he? He didn’t exactly put up a fight to stay. No loyalty.

6. He Curses Like a Rapper

You’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. America’s children have heard it, too. Manning using horrible language on TV during games. Even the F-word. He uses the language of thugs. And corporations let this man endorse products? Our country is way off the rails.

7. He is Lazy

Manning’s many apologists in the media like to promote how much he prepares for games. Yeah, watching game film is really tough. Sitting around watching TV. As though there’s not enough of that in our society today. What no one will ever say is that Manning outworks anyone in the gym. Because he doesn’t. That’s why he isn’t muscled like most football players. That’s why he has poor posture. He is lazy, plain and simple.

8. He Dresses to Stand Out from Everyone Else


Look at this thug. Would it be so hard for him to dress like his teammates? No, he has to try to get attention with a short-sleeve polo shirt, zip-up vest and blue khaki shorts. “Look at me! Look at me!” says Manning. “I’m different! I want attention!”

9. He is Disrespectful to Women

In college at Tennessee, Manning got in trouble for showing his naked buttocks to a woman. Look it up. It happened. The Manning apologist media has tried to destroy all record of this incident, but it happened. It should have served as a warning sign about what sort of person the NFL was getting. Too bad no one took notice. The Chargers were actually lucky to get Ryan Leaf instead of Manning. At least they didn’t employ a known misogynist thug.

10. He Is Closely Tied to Drug Culture

In late 2012, Manning purchased 21 Papa John’s franchises in Colorado. Soon after, recreational marijuana was legalized in the state. Are you dumb enough to think Manning didn’t know this was coming? He just happened to scoop up a bunch of cheap pizza franchises in a state where people would soon have the munchies? No, he did it to enrich himself on drugs. Drugs that were illegal at the time. This man is no better than a drug dealer. Yet he’s pushed on America as the face of the NFL??? Disgusting.

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