21 Questions for the Media on Media Day

1. Are you an ELITE sports analyst?  

2. What is your hottest take of all-time?

3. You are 40 pounds overweight, you’re wearing an ugly tie and your clothes don’t fit. What do you say to those who think you don’t look professional?

4. Do you feel your career has a big hole if you never win any sports journalism awards?

5. Which talking head did you look up to the most when you were a kid?

6. What is your go-to move for filling airtime or column space when you have absolutely nothing interesting to say?

7. What’s the biggest change you’ve seen over the years? The listicle? The yelled “debate”? Video for the sake of video? Navel-gazing “think” pieces?

8. Do haters/commenters motivate you?

9. Is your loyalty a question, considering you’ve worked for several different media outlets in your career?

10. How much time do you spend watching film of your TV appearances to see how you can improve?

11. You often retweet compliments you get so everyone can see them. Does it concern you that you come across as arrogant to many people? That you don’t seem humble?

12. You have expressed a desire for more exposure. Do your colleagues view you as a team player? Are you a newsroom cancer?

13. What would you say to those who think you are too one-dimensional? Those who say you only have one skill and that you’re lousy on TV, have an annoying voice and ask bad questions in interviews?

14. Do you think your takes can get even hotter, or have you maximized your sports take potential?

15. You have criticized other sports media professionals and other media outlets. Do you feel that is professional? Why not just worry about yourself?

16. Do you feel your career is tainted because of how you have stolen ideas from readers, blogs and other people on Twitter without crediting them?

17. Your personal life has had troubles and there have been whispers about your drinking. How have these things impacted your work?

18. Writing, TV, radio, podcasts, books. Endorsements. Is there a concern you’ve spread yourself too thin? Wouldn’t it be better to focus on your main job?

19. You’ve had some success working with a big, successful media organization. Don’t you feel you could prove your greatness by having the same success on your own or with a smaller, less successful organization? Lots of people could do what you’re doing with these kinds of resources at hand, no?

20. Your best work has often come during the regular season. Are you a choker?

21. If you send a really good tweet about the Super Bowl, will you retire?

– – – – –