15 Patriots-Broncos Storylines That Refreshingly Aren’t Brady vs. Manning

0edcb__fan_u_manningbrady_576x3241. How has the career of Wes Welker been shaped by playing with Brady and Manning?

2. How might have Bill Belichick’s tenure in New England gone without Brady? Would John Fox have the Broncos in the playoffs without Manning?

3. Who are the backups to Brady and Manning? How would the game be changed if they were forced into action?

4. Are there any other young quarterbacks in the NFL who could develop a Brady-Manning-type rivalry?

5. Peyton Manning’s brother plays football. Does Tom Brady have any siblings? If so, what do they do?

6. Defense. How would Denver’s defense fair against Manning? How would New England’s do against Brady?

7. Who are some of the Little League, high school and college coaches who helped make Brady and Manning into the quarterbacks they are today?

8. What might the NFL be like after Brady and Manning retire?

9. How are Brady and Manning’s wives and children similar and/or different? Have they ever met?

10. What are some of the most elaborate Tom Brady shrines that Patriots fans have created? What about Broncos fans for Manning?

11. What is life like for other Americans who happen to have the name Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

12. What is it like for Brady’s center and Manning’s center to have the hands of a great man regularly placed snug against their taints?

13. What are some of the names of the players on each team who aren’t Brady or Manning?

14. What are some other storylines for the game that aren’t Brady vs. Manning?

15. Which team has the edge in special teams?

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