10 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Richard Sherman

image1. His full name is Richard Kevin Sherman, making him easily the most controversial person in the history of the world with the name “Kevin.”

2. The Seahawks selected Sherman in the 5th Round, 154th overall, in the 2011 NFL Draft. Two picks later at No. 156, Seattle took safety Mark LeGree, who is already out of the NFL. The Seahawks get a C-grade for this draft.

3. Sherman is from Compton, California. Compton is known, of course, for being the sister city of Targovishte, Bulgaria.

4. At Stanford, Sherman majored in Communications with a focus on self-promotional, dickish rants.

5. Sherman competed in the triple jump, long jump and 110m hurdles at Stanford. His personal bests were probably world records because he’s the best to ever do it!

6. Sherman was salutatorian of his high school graduating class. The valedictorian was Darrelle Revis.

7. Sherman was a member of Phi Beta Sigma in college, a fraternity which also boasts Super Bowl stars Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice and Hines Ward as members. Peyton Manning was in Phi Beta Omaha.

8. Sherman was switched from wide receiver to defensive back at Stanford after two years. He probably gets very angry when people say that defensive backs are just wide receivers who can’t catch, especially because that’s true.

9. Nike and Beats By Dre are Sherman’s current endorsers, but he is expected to now get many more offers from companies such as all the ones that like to be associated with famous people who make sure they are in the news all the time.

10. Sherman’s rant following Seattle’s NFC Championship Game victory over the 49ers was mostly a stunt by Sherman to get himself attention. We’re all falling in line with his plan quite nicely.

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