Urban Meyer: “Ohio State has beaten eight teams ranked in the Big Ten Top 12”

urban bloguinOhio State head coach Urban Meyer continued to make the case today that his team deserves to play in the BCS title game next month above Florida State and the SEC title game winner.

“We are the only team in the nation, other than Michigan State, who has beaten eight teams ranked in the Top 12 of the Big Ten this year,” said Meyer. “Am I biased for my team? Damn right I am. But this is not bias I’m giving you right now. This is fact. Try to deny it. How many Top 12 Big Ten teams have Auburn or Florida State beaten? Not one.”

While Ohio State has only beaten one team ranked in the Top 25 all season — No. 21 Wisconsin, who just lost at home to Penn State — Meyer says that is due to the national media’s “unfair” portrayal of the Big Ten as a second-rate, MAC-quality league, due to its many lousy football teams and inability to beat teams from other conferences in bowl games year after year after year after year.

“I’ve coached in the SEC and the Big Ten,” said Meyer. “And I can say right now that the Big Ten is a college football conference just like the SEC. No bull. You can quote me.”

While many Big Ten critics tout the gauntlet of competition that SEC teams must go through week after week, Meyer said the Big Ten has its own unique challenges.

“For sake of argument, let me briefly accept your premise that the Big Ten is awful,” said Meyer. “Fine. We’ve run roughshod over this conference for a good decade. Do you know how hard it is to not get overconfident playing crap teams week after week? Pretty much every game for us is a trap game. But our kids never slip up and lose to these embarrassments. That’s harder than you think. We deserve a lot of credit for that.”

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