Report: Shanahans Giving Kirk Cousins All the “Good plays”

imageSuspicions that Mike Shanahan is not being truthful with his stated reasoning for sitting Robert Griffin III for the remainder of the season gained credence today with reports of favoritism towards new starting quarterback Kirk Cousins.

“Based on how things looked today at practice, I’m fairly certain Mike and Kyle [Shanahan] are giving Kirk all their good plays while they called only crap ones for Robert,” said one member of the Washington offense. “The stuff we were running today had the ball getting out quickly and accurately. Where has that been? I think they’ve done Robert wrong.”

Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan denies the coaching staff has been saving its “good plays” for when they had the opportunity to play Cousins.

“We don’t have good plays or bad plays in our playbook. They’re all just plays,” he said. “Some people may execute them differently. That’s all.”

However, Cousins himself said today that he believes Mike Shanahan is playing favorites.

“He doesn’t roll his eyes or make a wanking motion whenever I talk like he does with Robert,” said the new starter.