Philip Rivers’ Kids Excited to Find Danny Woodhead on the Mantle

woodheadShelf“We found him! We found him! He’s on the mantle!”

Philip Rivers’ children squealed with delight this morning when they spotted Danny, their Elf on the Shelf, on the mantle in the family living room. Rivers’ oldest daughter, Rachel, was the first to spot the diminutive running back, prompting her to run upstairs and tell her brothers and sisters, and then wake up her parents with the news.

“My kids get such a kick out of having Woodhead around,” said Rivers. “And to be honest, I do, too. He gets me in the holiday spirit. To me it’s felt like Christmas since training camp started.”

In past years, Rivers and his wife hid a traditional Elf on the Shelf around the house. But the morning after Thanksgiving this year they decided to put out Woodhead instead.

“Snowflake was a good Elf on the Shelf and the kids liked him,” said Rivers. “But when you have a Woodhead, you’ve got to use that instead. It’s a real elf. How many kids get a real elf?”

Woodhead says he begrudgingly agreed to be the Rivers Family’s Elf on a Shelf.

“Is it degrading? You better believe it,” said the spritely  back. “But Philip is the quarterback. If I refused, I wouldn’t get as many balls in the game. Trust me. I’ve seen it happen before. Tom Brady once asked to use me to play with his dolls and I said no. He didn’t throw me a pass for a month.”

Rivers said that for tomorrow he plans to have Woodhead sitting by the downstairs bathroom toilet.

“I just think it would be funny to make him sit by the dirty toilet,” said the quarterback. “Heh. There’s dried pee-pee down there.”

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