Nick Saban: “We’re just going to show up at the BCS title game anyway”

saban utsandiegoAlabama has accepted a bid to play in the Sugar Bowl against Oklahoma on January 2nd, but head coach Nick Saban announced today that the Crimson Tide will also show up on January 6th at the BCS championship game “unless someone thinks they can stop us.”

“Congrats to Florida State on being undefeated, but I mean come on,” said Saban, smirking. “Who have they played? Of course, I respect their opportunity to play in the BCS title game and play they will, as long as they can get on the field through the tunnels which will be blocked by Alabama linemen. I guess we’ll see who’s on the field at kickoff.”

Alabama won the last two BCS championships and missed out on another undefeated season by a single score when Auburn ran back a missed field goal attempt as time expired in the final game of the season.

“No intelligent person thinks we shouldn’t still have an opportunity to defend our national titles because of one fluke play in one game,” said Saban to the assembled press. “Does anyone intelligent think that here? Show of hands. Who here is a moron? I thought so. No one thinks that. Now, am I willing to be gracious here and give Florida State an opportunity to play? I sure am. I just hope my boys can put up more of a fight than … Duke? Duke was it? They have a football team? Wow. Those shit conferences are full of amazing trivia.”

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher says his team fully expects to take the field and compete in the BCS title game against Auburn.

“So Nick plans to make us get past his linemen to play in the game?” said Fisher. “The same guys who were on the field for that game-ending field goal return against Auburn? Yeah, I think we’ll be okay. They looked pretty easy to get past.”

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