Jay Cutler Annoyed That Josh McCown Hasn’t Taken His Job: “Ugh. I’d rather just stand here.”

7884478-e1384886934261Chicago Bears backup quarterback Josh McCown has played remarkably well for injured starter Jay Cutler over the past month and half, throwing 13 touchdowns to just 1 interception and leading the NFL in Total QBR rating — numbers far better than any Cutler has achieved in his years with the Bears. Yet head coach Marc Trestman continues to insist that Cutler will be the starter when healthy.

“Come on? Seriously? He said that again?” Cutler responded upon being told of his coach’s comments. “This is ridiculous. McCown has been way better. Keep him in there. Please. I’m making the same amount of money standing on the sidelines doing nothing as I was getting the crap kicked out of me for a mediocre team. It’s really not a hard choice for me here.”

After a 348-yard, 4 TD game by McCown in a win over the Cowboys on Monday night kept Chicago in playoff contention, Cutler said he “mentally shut it down for the year.”

“That game was awesome for me,” he said. “Well, and Josh, too. And the team or whatever. But I was looking at heading out on vacation in January completely pain-free because Josh would be the quarterback from here on out. But to hear Trestman say I still have to play? It sucks. I’m not going to sugarcoat it.”

Cutler said he has talked to Trestman in recent weeks and expressed his concern that “the stupid you-can’t-lose-your-job-to-injury cliche would bite me in the ass. A, people lose their jobs to injury all the time. And B, I’m completely find with it. Trust me on this. I would rather be not playing. In fact, if I could just work from home or whatever for the rest of the season, I’m totally willing.”

McCown has also said that the job is Cutler’s again whenever he is healthy.

“Look, my recent performances aside, I’m still Josh McCown,” he said. “Things are going to turn south soon and when they do, it’s going to be ugly. Trust me on this. I’d rather go out on a high note and take my rightful place back on an NFL bench.”

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