8 Stats Proving Tony Romo is One of the Most CLUTCH Quarterbacks in the NFL

romo1. Tony Romo’s all-time record as a starting quarterback in the NFL is 62-45, a .579 winning percentage.  He wins more than he loses. Tony Romo = winner. Or don’t you understand basic math and percentages?

2. Tony Romo has 19 career 4th quarter comeback wins in his career. That’s one more than Jon Kitna and tied with Jake Delhomme and Steve DeBerg. Yet all we hear is how Romo is a “choker,” whereas those guys’ names are pretty much never mentioned by anyone ever. Way to lap up the media-produced narratives, sheeple!

3. Tony Romo has the fifth most fantasy points of any quarterback in the NFL this year. It may be called fantasy football, but it uses real statistics. But apparently you don’t comprehend that, do you, idiot?

4. The Dallas defense hasn’t shut out an opponent since January 3, 2010. But, sure, sure: it’s all Romo’s fault when he’s the one who has had to produce at least a field goal every game for four years to even give his team a shot at a tie. Try to learn that football is a team sport before you sound even more like an idiot. Okay, idiot? 

5. Tony Romo only has 2 career postseason interceptions. Guess how many the supposedly “clutch” Tom Brady has? Twenty-two. That’s right: Tom Brady has ELEVEN TIMES as many postseason interceptions as Tony Romo and Romo is supposedly the huge choker? Oooooookay. If only you knew how greater and less than work, dumbass.

6. Tony Romo has NEVER lost a Super Bowl. Can you say that, Brady? Nope. What about you, Peyton Manning? Nope. What about you, Roethlisberger? No again. Kneel before Romo, losers.

7. Since 2006, Tony Romo has 7 interceptions in the 4th quarter or overtime when his time is tied or leading by a single possession. The next closest quarterback only has 4 such interceptions. Looks bad for Romo, right? WRONG! Ever hear of the “exception that proves the rule?” Read a book, dipshit.

8. Tony Romo has a career record of 13-21 in December and January. Whoop-di-crap-a-doodle-doo! A) Being 13-21 in December and January means Romo is 49-24 in September, October and November. That’s ELITE as ELITE gets. B) You can’t just pick random months out of the air to fit your idiotic NARRATIVE. Oh, here’s one: Tony Romo has never won an NFL game in June. Derp derp derp. Dat meanz Romo iz bad QB! Derp! Look at me! I’m a football expert! Derp derp derp. C) December and January is the holiday season. The holidays are about giving. Maybe Tony Romo just isn’t an asshole like your supposed “clutch” quarterbacks. Ever think of that? Of course not, because you clearly don’t think at all.

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