5 Great Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Every Sports Fan

Bullhorn ($25)

6 Great LastMinute Gift Ideas for Every Sports Fan – Image 4

Sports fans love debating and yelling at each other about sports things!

“My team is better than your team due to its amount of points and/or wins!”

“You team is inferior because of historical failings!”

“That player over there is superior at this sport than the player right over there.”

Now they can make all of their arguments heard once and for all above everyone else and also make that BOOOOO noise at the next sporting contest they attend!

Ball ($5)

6 Great LastMinute Gift Ideas for Every Sports Fan – Image 4

If you’ve spent any time around a sports fan, you know they love balls!

It’s baseball this, and basketball that, and football some other thing. “Hey, want to go to the ball game?” they’ll say. Or: “I’m watching the ball game.” Or: “Want to play some ball?”

Nothing but balls, balls, BALLS!

So what would be better than to get them their very own ball so they could enjoy their love of all things ball in their very own home?!

NFL Gift Card ($10)

6 Great LastMinute Gift Ideas for Every Sports Fan – Image 5

NFL football is the most popular sport in America! No doubt the sports fan in your life would love a gift card for the NFL!

For just $10, you can get them almost 10-percent off the ticket price for one person to attend a single game! Or they can put your gift card to use on NFL.com where $10 will cover shipping and handling on most smaller items!

This $10 card is their entry card to an unlimited NFL adventure worth (and costing, unfortunately) much, much more!

White “Rally” Towel ($2)

6 Great LastMinute Gift Ideas for Every Sports Fan – Image 5

You might think it’s just a cheap hand towel you got at Walmart, but to a sports fan it’s a Rally Towel — something they can twirl around over their head when their team does something exciting or they want them to do something exciting. Sports fans love doing this with other sports fans!

The best part is: every team has white in their colors, so this dish/rally towel works for all sports fans!


A Real Professional Sports Team ($500,000,000+)

Have a little extra to spend? Almost any sports team can be bought for the right price, especially if that price exceeds $2 billion!

But you get so much for the price! Your sports fan would get to attend all of the games and conduct drafts — which are like fantasy drafts, but real! They’d even be able to collect player autographs on contracts!

If you have the money, this is the best sports gift out there!