Trent Richardson Unable to Advance Out of Hotel Elevator Before Doors Close

trent richardson discubedIndianapolis Colts running back Trent Richardson will not play in his team’s game in Tennessee against the Titans because he has been stuck in the elevator at the team hotel all day.

“Yeah, Trent won’t be with us tonight,” confirmed head coach Chuck Pagano. “He had an issue back at the hotel, so we’ll be riding Donald Brown tonight.” 

Richardson, the No. 3 overall pick in the 2012 draft, has struggled mightily since being traded from Cleveland to the Colts in September. In fact, in his last three games he has even regressed, averaging just 2.1 yards per carry. Teammates say his hesitancy and lack of speed peaked today when he was unable to travel the 4.5-feet from the back of the elevator out through the elevator doors and into the lobby before the doors closed on him.

Teammates Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton, who rode down from the team’s floor with Richardson, repeatedly encouraged their running back to get up a head of steam and clear the threshold. But after 11 attempts, they had to board the team’s bus to LP Field. In one last desperate attempt, Richardson pressed the “Door Open” button and made a break for it at full-speed, but got his body pinched in the doors and he fell backwards for no gain.

Colts officials refuse to say they are disappointed in Richardson’s play or in his inability to make it out of the elevator.

“He just needs to work a little more on his timing and accelerating through holes,” said Pagano. “He’s had a few openings, but he keeps running into the elevator control panel. Hopefully he can bust through soon and join us for the second half.”

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