“This is the Craziest Season Ever”: A Template for the Hack Sports Columnist on Deadline

Sports Equipment“This is the Craziest Season Ever”

by [your name]

If you’ve been thinking the [year] season in the [league or conference] has been wild and wacky, you’re not alone. This year may go down as the craziest season ever.

Think about all of the wild finishes we’ve had. All of the upsets. All of the great performances. All of the comebacks. What a ride.

We’ve also had our share of bloopers, questionable coaching decisions, blown leads, injuries and bad calls.

And who can forget when [player or coach] said: “[quote].”

If that isn’t a quote for the ages, then nothing is. 

This season has reminded us that sports are unpredictable. The best team on paper doesn’t always win. There’s simply no way to know for sure which team is going to win a game. 

Who could have predicted that [team or player predicted to have a good season] would struggle like this? And who predicted that [team or player predicted to have a bad season] would be having this kind of success? If you had told me before the season that [different team or player predicted to have a good or bad season] would be performing this [well or poorly], I would have said you’re crazy.

What a crazy season. 

A season like we’ve never seen before.

Appreciate it. Because we may never see a season like this again.

At least not until the next time I don’t have a remotely decent idea for a column.

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