The 10 Most Embarrassing NFL Individual Records



Most Fumbles, Career: 166 — Brett Favre, 1991-2010

If your coaches allow you to fumble 166 times, you must be doing some other good stuff out there to compensate for all the fumbles. Probably. Sooooo … congratulations, Brett?

Most Fumbles, Season: 23 — tie: Kerry Collins, Giants, 2001 and Daunte Culpepper, Vikings, 2002

The early part of this century was the Golden Age of quarterbacks fumbling. Your grandchildren will be so jealous.

Most Fumbles, Game: 7 — Len Dawson, Chiefs, 1964

Dawson also threw 2 interceptions in this game, a 28-14 loss to the Chargers. He is in the Hall of Fame. Maybe it’s time to give JaMarcus Russell another shot.


Most Interceptions, Career: 336 — Brett Favre, 1991-2010

If your coaches allow you to throw 336 interceptions, you must be doing some other good stuff out there to compensate for all the intercepting. Probably. Sooooo … congratulations, Brett?

Most Interceptions, Season: 42 — George Blanda, Oilers, 1962

In Week 1, the ’62 Oilers had 6 turnovers. In Week 2 they had 5 turnovers. Week 4 it was 5. Week 7 they had 9 turnovers. Weeks 9 and 10 they had 5 turnovers each game. Week 11 saw 7 turnovers, while Week 12 saw 6. And in Week 14 they had 4.

The ’62 Oilers went 11-3 and made the playoffs. Really. Pro football was very different back then. Very different. And very awful.


Most Interceptions, Game: 8 — Jim Hardy, Chicago Cardinals, 1950

Hardy finished that 1950 game, the season opener against the Eagles, 12-for-42, for 193 yards, with a touchdown and those 8 interceptions. He completely screwed anyone who picked him in their 1950 fantasy draft.


Most Times Sacked in a Season: 76 — David Carr, Texans, 2002

No attempted murder charges were ever brought against Carr’s offensive line. A true black mark on the criminal justice system.

Most Times Sacked in a Game: 12 — tie: Bert Jones, Baltimore Colts, 1980; Warren Moon, Oilers, 1985; Donovan McNabb, Eagles, 2007

David Carr’s offensive line wanted to slowly kill him. These guys’ lines wanted them dead in a day.


Most Punts Blocked in a Season: 6 — Harry Newsome, Steelers, 1988

While Newsome’s slow punting motion got all the publicity for this record, the porous 1988 Steelers’ offensive line also deserves credit.

Most Punts in a Season: 114 — tie: Bob Parsons, Bears, 1981 and Chad Stanley, Texans, 2002

You may be shocked to know that in the same year David Carr was getting sacked on every snap, the Texans had to punt a few times.

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