RGIII Disappointed in Opposing NFL Teams for Not Letting Him Showcase His Talents

rg3picWashington quarterback Robert Griffin III ripped the entire NFL today for its continued insistence on preventing him from having success on the field.

“I have a huge ceiling as far as marketability,” said Griffin. “But if I’m going to reach that potential, I need to put up big numbers on the field. Yet all these teams keep sacking me and intercepting my passes. I’m sick of it.”

Griffin said what puzzles him the most by his opponents’ behavior is that they are ultimately hurting themselves.

“I’m a unique talent and personality who can grow our sport,” said the second-year quarterback. “My opponents will benefit by me making the NFL more popular and profitable. But somehow they fail to see that. They are so selfish.”

With Washington now 3-8 and all but officially eliminated from the playoffs, Griffin said opposing NFL teams have likely blown their chance to showcase him this season, but he hopes they’ll learn their lesson and be more cooperative next year.

“Things better change and fast or I will just sit on the bench and have Kirk Cousins play quarterback,” said Griffin. “I’m not joking around. It will happen. Cousins doesn’t have a single documentary or national ad campaign. His Q-rating basically doesn’t exist. The NFL will fold with him playing quarterback. Then everyone will wish they had treated me better. Consider this a warning.”

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