RGIII Not Sure if He’ll Start Mike Shanahan at Head Coach This Week

rgiii shanahan bsoWashington quarterback Robert Griffin III addressed the media today on the job status of head coach Mike Shanahan. While refusing to give his head coach a vote of confidence, RGIII also didn’t yet announce a change.

“Look, obviously Mike has been struggling,” said the second-year quarterback. “I want him to succeed and I’m trying to help him as much as I can, but there’s only so much that even someone of my abilities can do with what he’s given me. A decision will be made on Mike’s status closer to our game on Sunday.”

It is most likely that Griffin would choose to replace Shanahan with someone internally, possibly offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. But he could also go outside the organization.

“I’m not limiting my options,” said the quarterback. “The fact is that we’re 3-7. There isn’t any more time for excuses. This is a business. I can’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings. If I decide Mike isn’t doing enough, then that’s the decision. He’ll be gone.” 

Shanahan said he still believes he’s the best coach for the team.

“I’m doing my best every week. Do I think we could win more with Kirk Cousins? I sure do,” said Shanahan. “But I don’t make those kind of decisions around here. I’m only the head coach. I take orders from Robert. He’s got a lot of endorsements and a collection of unique socks. I know my place.”

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