Report: Andrew Wiggins Canadian

wigginsCAKansas freshman Andrew Wiggins has entered college basketball with more buzz than any freshman in years. But a troubling report today claims the 6’8″ guard is Canadian.

Jayhawks head coach Bill Self refused to comment in any detail on the report today, saying only that “We recruited Andrew based off of tape we saw of him playing basketball. We did not consider what country he was from. Obviously, this story is troubling and we will look into it.” 

If true that Wiggins is from Canada — most claims say he is from the interior portion of the country called “Ontario” — it would completely shatter his perception as a top talent in the sport.

“My, god. I hope this isn’t true,” said one panicked Kansas athletics department official who requested anonymity. “So he put up all those numbers playing against Canadians? Kids who weren’t athletic enough to make a goddam hockey team? Jeezus. We’re screwed. How did this information slip through the cracks?”

Canadian roots would drops Wiggins’ upside from a once-in-a-generation NBA superstar to somewhere between Bill Wennington and Rick Fox.

“Even Steve Nash was born in South Africa,” said college basketball analyst Jay Bilas. “Canadians try to claim him, which just proves how pathetic they are.”

Wiggins refused to comment on the report, but did post a tweet that addressed the story: “I’m not going to talk about my past. I am just honoured to be playing for Kansas now.”

The tweet was then quickly deleted in light of the incorrect, Canadian spelling of “honored.”

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