MLB Teams Put Off by Free Agent Robinson Cano’s Unwillingness to Budge from being 31 Years-Old

New York Yankees v/s Baltimore Orioles 08/31/09Robinson Cano is the top second baseman in baseball and the biggest name available in free agency, but so far has received no serious interest from the Yankees or any other team.

“It’s not so much his contract demands of 10 years and $305 million,” said Mets general manager Sandy Alderson, who met with Cano agents Jay-Z and Brodie Van Wagenen. “He’s a very good player and it’s understandable he wants to cash in. It’s more that we’re hesitant to give that kind of contract to someone who is 31 years-old. Maybe if he was 26 or 27 we’d jump at the opportunity to sign him, but we were told Robinson is unwilling to not be old.”

If Cano continues to insist on being 31, that would mean he is past or nearly past his athletic prime — making it insane for a team to give him such a long and large contract.

“I know Jay-Z thinks he is going to come in and change the game, but he has a lot to learn about this business,” said one baseball general manager. “You have to be flexible to get a deal. You have to compromise. Unless he can get Cano’s age down to 27 or put it in the contract that Robinson will never get older than 33, I have absolutely zero interest in his client.”

But Jay-Z and Van Wagenen have continued to push for a contract for Cano and fast.

“Robinson Cano is a superstar in this game,” said Jay-Z. “I want him to get rewarded for that. Now. I mean, he’s not getting any younger. He’s closing fast on 32 and then death. I want a deal now. Not tomorrow. Now.”

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