Brian McCann Rips Brian McCann for Greed and Lack of Loyalty in Signing with Yankees

mccann BRFormer Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann laid into New York Yankees catcher Brian McCann today for signing a 5-year, $85 million contract with the Yankees.

“Where’s the loyalty? This is a guy who was drafted by the Braves in the 2nd round way back in 2001,” said McCann. “They took a chance on him, nurtured him up through the minors and then he just dumps them for a big deal with a big market team when he became a free agent? It’s disgusting. Baseball wasn’t like this in the old days.” 

McCann said he made his comments on McCann’s new contract because he sees himself as “a keeper of the code of conduct of baseball.”

“If I don’t speak up and say something, who will?” he yelled. “Yasiel Puig? Carlos Gomez? That greedy, backstabbing bastard Brian McCann. Yeah, right. Those are the kind of guys who are destroying this game and destroying our society.”

The catcher added that if he sees McCann anywhere, he’ll “punch him right in the face.” He also stated that he plans to stay away from mirrors for the time being.

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