Amazing St. Louis Cardinals Fans Still at Busch Stadium Applauding Stuff

fans649x432Fans of the St. Louis Cardinals, widely regarded as the best fans in all of baseball, have proved their greatness again by still packing Busch Stadium, days after the World Series ended in a St. Louis defeat, to just stand and applaud an empty field.

The team’s home stadium filled up Wednesday night in the hours following the Cardinals’ Game 6 World Series loss to the Boston Red Sox in Fenway Park. The crowd rose to give a standing ovation to the sun as it came up early Thursday morning.

“Gotta love the sun,” one of the great fans was overheard saying.

“Yep. Shows up every day,” said another. “So consistent. What a gamer.”

The standing ovation for the sunrise died down around mid-morning, but soon another ovation started up in honor of the pristine baseball field laid out before them.

“Nothing is as beautiful as a baseball field,” said one fan. “It’s an honor to be able to be here staring at it.”

Subsequent ovations have been given to America, hit and runs, peanuts, Cracker Jacks, the legacy of David Eckstein, apple pie, mothers, working the count, and wholesomeness. As of this writing, Cardinals fans are standing and applauding a passing rain shower for the nourishment it provides God’s creation.

The stadium is expected to remain packed with St. Louis fans until Opening Day unless the city gets some jobs before then.

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