50 Sports Things I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving

tgiving rockwell

1. Manning Face


2. Nick Saban hating everything


3. Bill Belichick press conferences


4. fat guy touchdowns


5. fat guy baseball players


6. the Houston Astros


7. Gary Bettman getting booed everywhere he goes


8. Dwight Howard free throws


9. Brandon Weeden


10. the Cleveland Browns


11. Gregg Popovich sideline interviews


12. upsets


13. choking


14. airballs


15. the ruling on the field getting overturned


16. low-budget local commercials featuring athletes


17. punters/kickers trying to make tackles


18. the New York Knicks


19. head coaches dancing


20. Chris Bosh


21. the New York Jets


22. sacks that don’t draw a penalty


23. missed dunks


24. lax bro names


25. awkward golfer celebrations


26. Johnny Manziel trolling everyone


27. Dana Holgorsen’s entire existence


28. the death of the two-team BCS title format


29. Tom Brady’s continued insistence on embarrassing himself with his attire


30. intangibles


31. tangibles


32. Lane Kiffin getting fired in an airport parking lot


33. pick-sixes


34. own-goals


35. Tom Coughlin Face


36. Mike Shanahan’s face


37. B1G January 1st bowls


38. soccer’s magic spray


39. neckbeards


40. Jerry Jones’ delusion


41. Brian Cashman’s ineptitude


42. the many sports trophies shaped like genitals


43. Duke losing in the NCAA Tournament


44. the Jacksonville Jaguars


45. walk-off walks


46. when the pregame show people stop talking and the game starts


47. when my favorite team wins


48. when a team I hate loses


49. having sports to talk about at Thanksgiving with my family instead of awkward real-life or political topics


50. sports list articles that aren’t slideshows

– – – – –

What sports things are you thankful for? Leave them in the comments.