25 Signs Your Fantasy Football Team Sucks

peypeyJ1. You were under the impression that “running back” is still a position that exists in the NFL.

2. You were fairly confident that this would be the season Trent Richardson would break a run of 4 yards or longer.

3. You didn’t know that Tom Brady had never met any of his receivers before taking the field in Week 1.

4. You stayed away from all of Denver’s receivers, figuring their stats would be diluted without a clear No. 1 and No. 2 receiver.

5. You assumed Adrian Peterson would be better a full year removed from ACL surgery than he was playing on fresh sutures.

6. You didn’t know that Ray Lewis and Ray Rice retired from the Ravens.

7. You thought it best to steer clear of Packers rookie running back Eddie Lacy, what with that single photo that revealed him to be morbidly obese.

8. You loaded up early on RBs and WRs, content that the steady and productive Matt Schaub would be available in later rounds as your starting quarterback.

9. You have resorted to stocking your lineup with players playing on Thursday night, just to enjoy having a lead for a few days.

10. You were stupid enough to believe that Joe Flacco’s four-game playoff run last year wasn’t a total fluke.

11. No one at your fantasy draft told you that Steven Jackson had died.

12. You somehow believed Carson Palmer was an upgrade in Arizona and therefore used an early pick on Larry Fitzgerald.

13. You thought C.J. Spiller was good enough to overcome playing for the Bills.

14. You thought Maurice Jones-Drew was good enough to overcome playing for the Jaguars.

15. You didn’t know Jordan Cameron was good enough to overcome playing for the Browns.

16. You passed on Calvin Johnson in the early rounds because you didn’t think he scores enough touchdowns.

17. Much like LeSean McCoy, you believed Knowshon Moreno sucked.

18. RG3 is your QB1.

19. You steered clear of Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, forgetting that fantasy football success and real football success are not the same thing.

20. You are fairly certain that each of your players have had multiple bye weeks.

21. You stupidly figured Mike Wallace would be motivated to prove he’s worth $60 million.

22. You believed Bill Belichick about Wes Welker being finished.

23. You believed Bill Belichick about Danny Amendola being the next Wes Welker.  

24. You have caught yourself making Eli Manning Face while checking fantasy scores.

25. Peyton Manning isn’t on your team.

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