10 Reasons Nick Saban Will Remain the Head Coach at Alabama

sabanwiki1. Moving is such a hassle. Changing your address and putting everything in boxes and stuff? Ugh.

2. He’s lived in Tuscaloosa for seven years now. He knows how to get pretty much everywhere without using GPS. In Austin he’d have to ask everyone stuff like: “Hey, where is a good place for takeout Thai food around here?” Or: “Is there a faster way to get to the interstate from my house than going past Target? There are a lot of lights there.” No, thanks.

3. He’s locked into a gym membership at $24.95/month until August.

4. He has so many clothes and home and office decor accents in crimson. He would have to change all of them to burnt orange. That seems daunting.

5. His wife’s backyard flower garden is really thriving. Learning about Austin’s climate and soil would take some time.

6. What about Mitzy, the Saban’s dog? Yorkshire Terriers are a nervous breed. A move to new surroundings could be hard on her.

7. Average work commute time in Austin? 22.7 minutes. Average work commute time in Tuscaloosa? 16.3 minutes.

8. Good friends and good neighbors. The Sabans have them in Tuscaloosa. Can’t underestimate that.

9. Saban has built up a lot of Publix rewards points and the grocery chain doesn’t have any locations in Austin. A move would see all of those discounts go to waste.

10. An insane Alabama fan would probably murder him and all of his plants if he left.

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