Sportsman Interesting Due to Beard

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This baseball player has hair on the lower portion of his head, meaning he is an interesting and popular person.

Mike Napoli is a baseball player who plays for a professional team in Boston called the Red Sox. He is a 31 year-old caucasian man from Broward County, Florida, and plays the first base position for the team.

But none of that is what makes him especially remarkable. What makes Napoli unique is that he has hair growing out of his face along his jawline and above his upper lip.

“Oh, man, what a character,” says John Farrell, Napoli’s manager on the Red Sox. “Most people have hair on the top of their heads only, but he grows it from the face part of his head. It’s outstanding.”

So exceptional is Napoli’s face-hair is that many of his teammates have decided to do the same. In turn, fans of the baseball club throughout New England have begun wearing fake beards to the team’s games.

“It’s funny because they have hair on their faces,” said one Red Sox fan sporting a fake beard. “That is not the traditional place to have hair, so it sort of catches you by surprise. That’s the art of comedy.”

Napoli says he can’t remember how he got the ingenious idea to have hair on his face.

“Believe it or not, it grows out of there a little bit every day,” he said. “And if I don’t shave it off, it gets longer and longer and forms what is known as a ‘beard.’ I wish I could take credit for it, but I’ve been this way since hitting puberty.”

Thanks to the face-hair, Napoli has raised his profile around the country and is now interviewed frequently by national media. The offseason will likely see numerous endorsement opportunities.

“He has hair on his face,” said one Hollywood talent scout. “You can’t teach that. I’d say he is one of our greatest modern entertainers. The truly great ones break barriers and do things that the average man can’t do, like grow hair from the face.”

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