Report: Rams So Bad Not Even Brett Favre Interested in Playing for Them

Favre BRThe St. Louis Rams reportedly contacted Brett Favre about taking over at quarterback for the injured Sam Bradford, but the 44 year-old turned them down, making the Rams the first team in history to be turned down by Favre.

“I called Brett on Monday and told him we had a team that was interested and he was pretty excited,” said Bus Cook, Favre’s longtime agent. “But then I told him it was the St. Louis Rams and he said: ‘Ah, jeez. No, thanks. Just the Rams? That’s depressing.’ He then asked if the Jets or Vikings were interested, and I had to tell them that they were not. He started weeping and then he said he had to go. ‘I guess it’s really over,’ he said. And hung up.”

Cook said he then had the idea to send a list of the Rams’ talented players to Favre in hopes of enticing his client to reconsider, but quickly realized a two or three person list wouldn’t do the trick. Instead Cook said he Googled Daryl Richardson, Lance Kendricks and others to try to understand how they are in the NFL.

“Do you know the Rams have a player named Isaiah Pead?” said Cook. “Honest. That’s his real name.”

Later on Monday Favre called his agent back and asked if the Jacksonville Jaguars were interested.

“They haven’t been in touch, Brett, no,” said Cook.

“Dear god,” said Favre and hung up.

The old quarterback’s wife said her husband left on a long mower ride after that call and hasn’t been seen since.

With Favre rebuffing their offer, the Rams eventually settled on Brady Quinn, who head coach Jeff Fisher called: “One of the best options out there after a 44 year-old man who is about 16 years past his prime. Crap. I’m going to get fired.”

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