Ohio State Schedules Three Intrasquad Games in Hopes of Boosting Strength of Schedule

ohiostate_logo1Ohio State is undefeated and ranked No. 4 in the country, but the Buckeyes have almost zero shot at qualifying for the BCS title game due to an easy non-conference schedule and a conference slate chockfull of the usual Big Ten mediocrity. But all that could change now that the Buckeyes have added three games to their schedule, all versus the competitive Ohio State Buckeyes backups.

“All due respect to Northwestern and Nebraska and … well, those are all the semi-respectable teams in our conference,” said Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, “but our second team would easily drub all of them. To have any shot at playing for a national championship, we needed to play some games against top-tier talent. And now we have three games like that.”

The Buckeyes will use scheduled bye weeks on October 12th and November 9th to play themselves. The third intrasquad game will be played on Wednesday, October 30th between games against Penn State and Purdue.

“Neither of those teams will cause us to break much of a sweat, of course,” said Meyer. “So it will be good to get in a nice challenge amongst ourselves in the middle of the week.”

As in most of its games, the Buckeyes will be a heavy favorite when playing its B-squad, but Buckeyes backups such as quarterback Kenny Guiton still eclipse the talent of any player Ohio State would face on such low-rate programs such as Buffalo, Florida A&M or Michigan.

“I’m excited for the challenge, to be honest with you,” said starting quarterback Braxton Miller. “It’s fun to bludgeon people, but sometimes you need a push to really reach your potential.”

Meyer also announced that Ohio State’s backups had received an invitation to join the American Athletic Conference, but the offer was turned down.

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