Mike Shanahan Tells Kyle Shanahan He Must Finish Game Plan Before Going Trick or Treating

kyle shan csnwashKyle Shanahan, half dressed in a Thomas the Tank Engine costume, was sent back to his bedroom Thursday afternoon and told to finish the offensive game plan for Washington’s contest against the Chargers on Sunday before coming back out to go trick or treating with his school friends.

“But, dad! It’s Halloween! I want to go trick or treating with my friends,” yelled Kyle.

“Are your friends offensive coordinator of NFL teams?” shot back his father, Washington head coach Mike Shanahan. “Are they coordinators of 2-5 teams with a failing quarterback?”

“No,” Kyle said sheepishly, kicking at the hallway carpet.

“I didn’t think so. Now get back in there and finish,” said Mike. “I’ll buy you all the candy you want if we win a damn game.”

Fifteen minutes later, Kyle proudly returned from his bedroom and tossed his Transformers notebook on the kitchen table in front of his dad.

“All done. Can I go now?” said Kyle.

“Let me take a look first,” Mike said, opening the notebook. “Huh. You suggest RG3 audibles out of some plays at the line of scrimmage if the defense is set up to stop what we’ve called. Interesting. I like it. Okay, you can go.”

“Wooo! Yes! Thanks, dad!” Kyle exclaimed and ran out the front door of the house, jumped onto his bike and pedaled away.

“Don’t eat too much candy or you’ll get a belly ache!” his dad called after him. “I need you for our game on Sunday!”

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