14 Ideas for a New Washington Redskins Name — by Your Uncle

redskins-logoWashington What Happened to Freedom of Speech in This Country? Is This Not America Anymore?s

Washington REDSKINS — You know, all CAPS to show we’re not backing down to PC nonsense!

Washington Illegal Aliens — To raise awareness about all of the illegal aliens that are destroying this country!

Washington Indigenous Peoples Or Whatever the Crap They Want to be Called Nows

Washington Gridlock — Because Congress is an abomination! Don’t get me started.

Washington Bullets — The basketball team giving into this PC garbage is what got us to where we are today! It’s a slippery slope and now they want to take everything away! Well, the 2nd Amendment isn’t going anywhere! Bullets it is!

Washington Yeesh — That’s what I say every day I flip on the news and see where this country is heading!

Washington Freedom — Now there’s a team I could get behind, win or lose. (Not that freedom ever loses.)

Washington Whiteskins — Call it that! Go ahead! I won’t get offended. I’d even be honored. It would be nice if it would be okay for white people to get honored in this country now and then! I wouldn’t get my panties in a bunch about everything like liberals do.

Washington Gays — Just get it over with and call it that. You know it’s going to happen eventually. Everything in America has to be gay this and gay that now. Everyone has to be all in your face about it. I don’t have a problem with it, just … enough already. So just go ahead and call a sports team the Gays and maybe these politically correct Nazis will shut up for a while.

Washington [Editor’s note: too horrible to print] — Yeah, that’s right. I said it. If you have a problem with it, that’s you’re fault. This is America and I can say whatever I want.

Washington Traffic Jams — The traffic around Washington is a nightmare!

Washington Savages — What, that offends them, too? Yeesh. Even though the logo could be made a lot meaner looking? Come on. Where does it end with this people? What’s the point of picking a new name? Someone new is just going to get offended anyway. Call them the Washington Tigers and goddam PETA will probably get all upset because they’ll say we’re trivializing tigers or some crap.

Washington Redskin Potatoes — I can’t take credit for that one. One of my golfing buddies came up with that one. Pretty funny.

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