Eli Manning Holds Players-Only Meeting in His Tree House

kooshu-treehouseThe New York Giants are 0-4 and have been blown-out in back-to-back games. Quarterback Eli Manning has seen enough and today invited his teammates over to discuss the team’s play at his tree house.

“Our play time hasn’t been very fun lately,” Eli told his teammates, who were crammed into his treehouse high up in an oak tree in his parents backyard. “I want it to be fun. What can we do, guys?”

“I think we have -…,” defensive end Justin Tuck began, before being shushed by Manning.

“Mr. Justin, no one talks in this tree house unless he has the talking rock,” said Manning, handing Tuck a large, smooth rock with TALKING ROCK painted on it.

“Oh, okay,” said Tuck. “Anyway, as I was saying, I think we have the talent to win, we just need to execute. It’s like we’re not concentrating.”

Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks nodded and grabbed the rock from Tuck: “It’s frustrating to see us go out there and play far below what we are capa-…”

“Boys! Who wants peanut butter and jelly!” proclaimed Eli’s mom, holding a tray of sandwiches at the bottom of the tree house ladder.

“Oooh! Oooh! I do! I do!” Eli said. “Meeting is over, guys! Mom has PB&Js!”

The quarterback then called for his dad to help him get down the tree house ladder and then scampered into the family home to enjoy a snack.

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