10 Reasons Vin Scully SUCKS and is the WORST Broadcaster in Sports

Vin ScullyEverywhere you turn, people are slurping Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully. Come on. Enough is enough. Let’s stop pretending. The guy sucks. In fact, he’s the worst broadcaster in sports.

Here are just 10 reasons why:

1. He’s not national

If Vin Scully was so great, why is he stuck calling the games of one baseball team way out West? If he was really as good as all his fanboys say he is, a national broadcast network or national sports network would scoop him up. Being a national broadcaster is the major leagues of sports media. That’s just a fact. And Scully is in the minors. Do we argue that a minor league baseball player is the best baseball player ever??? Of course not.

But he used to do national games! Yeah, used to. He obviously couldn’t hack it.

2. He has no endorsement deals

Flip on your TV. Do you see Vin Scully doing ads for Applebee’s? Or Hooters? Or one of those yogurts that help you take better dumps? Nope. Nope. And nope. National corporations don’t want to associate with the hack. But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that Scully doesn’t care enough about his brand to even pursue opportunities like this. Who wants to waste time with a broadcaster who lacks the ambition to build a national brand around his personality? (Or lack thereof in this case!) He obviously doesn’t have the first clue about being a media personality.

3. He has no catchphrases

Give me your favorite Vin Scully catchphrase. Okay, give me any Vin Scully catchphrase. You can’t. The guy obviously has no creativity and doesn’t have a chance of truly being relevant. Because catchphrases = sports broadcasting relevance and sports broadcasting immortality. When a broadcaster dies, all that lives on is his catchphrases. If you can’t come up with a single catchphrase to work into every broadcast, something that could go on t-shirts and make bank, what are you wasting air time for?

4. He has no pop culture references

Okay, fine. Give Scully a pass if you want to for not having any signature catchphrases. But then his pop culture references game should be strong to compensate. But it’s nowhere to be found. Vin Scully wouldn’t know the first thing about twerking or “The Walking Dead” or Snapchat. If you listen to his broadcasts, you wouldn’t have a clue what year or week it is. His broadcasts are completely timeless. Awful.

5. He has 0 Twitter followers – ZERO!

Vin Scully wants people to give a crap about what he says in 2013 without being on Twitter?! Ha! Good luck, guy. #GetAClue #Idiot