Shy Eli Manning Nervously Asks Peyton Manning for His Autograph After Game Against Broncos

Houston Texans Vs. New York GiantsNew York Giants quarterback Eli Manning meekly waited outside the visitors’ locker room following his team’s loss to the Broncos on Sunday, hoping to get the autograph of star Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Eli clutched a regulation NFL football in his arms and had a black Sharpie marker given to him by his father in one hand. He was visibly nervous and sweating as Peyton Manning exited Denver’s locker room and headed towards the team bus. With a nudge from his mom, Olivia, Eli stepped towards Peyton with the football and marker extended.

“‘Scuse me can I have yer autograph I really like you yer my favrit player,” Eli mumbled, too shy to lift his head up to look the superstar Broncos quarterback in the face.

“What’s that, buddy?” said Peyton, stopping and leaning down closer to Eli’s face. “I couldn’t make that out.”

“‘Scuse me can I have yer autograph I really like you yer my favrit player,” Eli said again.

“I’m sorry. I still couldn’t hear you very well,” Peyton replied. “You want my autograph? Sure thing.”

Peyton then signed the ball and handed it back to Eli, patting him on the head. Eli then quickly turned and ran into the arms of his beaming parents.

“Are you happy now, buddy? Was that cool or what?” said Archie Manning.

Eli happily nodded, his face still bright red. Archie and Olivia Manning then loaded Eli into their minivan and headed for home. Eli fell asleep in his seat before they even got out of the parking lot, gripping the football with a huge smile on his face.

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