Browns Trade Two 1st Round Picks and a 2nd Rounder to Colts for RB Ahmad Bradshaw

Joe Banner waitingfornextyearThe Cleveland Browns capped a wild day of roster moves tonight by completing their second trade of the day with the Indianapolis Colts. After naming Brian Hoyer starting quarterback in the morning and trading Trent Richardson to Indianapolis in the afternoon, Cleveland picked up Colts running back Ahmad Bradshaw Wednesday night.

“When we traded Trent, we realized we only had two running backs on our roster and that’s not so great,” said Browns president Joe Banner. “It just so happened that the Colts had just today acquired a stud running back, so they had Ahmad Bradshaw available. We are pretty excited to get Ahmad for just our two 1st Round picks in 2014 and also our 2014 2nd Rounder.”

Banner said he hopes Browns fans realize the deal for Bradshaw proves that management is ready to “win now.”

“Ahmad is a veteran running back with two 1,000-yard seasons on his resume,” said Banner. “And we pretty much mortgaged our future to get him. This year might be out best shot at winning a Super Bowl for a long time, so Browns fans should enjoy the ride.”

The Colts insisted Cleveland finalize the trade over the phone, for obvious reasons, as Bradshaw has gone missing since the trade was announced.

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(photo via WTFN)