10 Reasons Nick Saban Could Become the Head Coach at the University of Texas at El Paso

sabanTep1. UTEP only has one win this season. The Miners could be looking to get rid of head coach Sean Kugler.

2. After years of being overlooked in their football crazy state for the likes of Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Texas Tech and Houston, UTEP could consider making a play for college football’s top coach.

3. UTEP has the money to spend on a coach of Nick Saban’s caliber. How much money would Nick Saban want per year? Ten million? Twenty million? UTEP has that and more. In fact, they just spent $23 million on a new student housing complex.

4. Saban has nothing left to prove coaching a program like Alabama. He could seal his status as the greatest college coach of all-time by building UTEP into a national power. Everyone knows that Nick Saban loves a challenge.

5. El Paso is located in West Texas, meaning it can easily recruit not only football-rich Texas, but also well into Arizona and New Mexico.

6. UTEP quarterback Jameill Showers is only a junior and he originally played at Texas A&M. This means Saban would have one whole year with a veteran, SEC-quality quarterback to help him install his system with the Miners.

7. The change in 2014 from a 2-team “playoff” to a 4-team actual playoff would make it much more possible for a non-BCS program like UTEP to play for a national title, which is something Saban would definitely still want to do.

8. Saban famously dislikes dealing with the media. El Paso, and Conference USA in general, does not get the same amount of media attention traditional power schools and conferences see. This would allow Saban to devote his full attention to his true love: coaching football. You could make the case that UTEP is the only school where Saban could really achieve his potential.

9. UTEP is the Miners and the university was founded in 1914 as The Texas State School of Mines and Metallurgy. In fact, a mineshaft still exists on campus. All of this rich mining heritage could make UTEP feel very much like Nick Saban’s boyhood home of West Virginia.

10. Saban could possibly love sticking it to those who would say it’s absolutely absurd to even entertain the thought that Nick Saban would go to UTEP, let alone spend the time to write an article about it.

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