Your Little League Experience Vs. The LLWS

Your Little League Experience Vs The LLWS – Image 1

Fans at the Games

LLWS: Several thousands baseball fans from around the world.

Your Little League: Several screaming parents and that one creepy neighborhood guy who always hung out at the neighborhood playground.

Common Play

LLWS: 6-4-3 double play

Your Little Leaugue: 6-4-9-2-7-5-into the dugout-6-8-1-2-1-2-5-4-3 two runs score and and everyone is safe

The Fat Kid

Your Little League: Is 5-foot-1, doesn’t fit into his uniform and gets winded when attempting to field a grounder.

LLWS: Is 6-foot-3, has a full mustache and hits home runs on check swings.

Outfield Grass

LLWS: Premium blue fescue turf.

Your Little League: Crab grass and rocks, with a huge puddle in right field.



Your Little League: What every player wishes he was home watching by the 4th inning.

Pitcher Fastballs

LLWS: 75 mph

Your Little League: Wild pitch


Your Little League: Not thrown because they’re bad for your arm.

LLWS: Snap that wrist! There’s prepubescent glory on the line!


Your Little League: Probably the team sponsored by the pizza shop your older brother’s friend claimed is owned by the Mafia.

LLWS: The sovereign state of Chinese Taipei.

Head Coach

LLWS: Some crazy guy who takes kids playing baseball way too seriously.

Your Little League: Some crazy guy who takes kids playing baseball way too seriously, smells like alcohol and also knows nothing about baseball.

Best Play of the Year

LLWS: That outfielder running full speed and leaping up over the fence to pull back a home run.

Your Little League: That one time your rightfielder actually caught a fly ball.

Uniforms and Equipment

LLWS: Brand new.

Your Little League: The same your older brother had when he played on the team six years ago.


Your Little League: After every strikeout.

LLWS: After every strikeout.

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