Report: Johnny Manziel’s Defense Likely to Hinge on All the Breasts He’s Signed for Free

manziel aggieathletics.comHeisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel is facing a possible suspension for the 2013 season over allegations he received money for autographs, but sources close to the quarterback and Texas A&M say Manziel is preparing a defense that will show the NCAA that he has a long track record of signing for free.

“There are a few autograph brokers saying Johnny took money for signing,” said a Texas A&M football department staff member. “But we have dozens, maybe even hundreds of women saying Johnny signs for free.”

Manziel reportedly has a habit of autographing the breasts and/or cleavage of female fans “and he does it for free,” said a friend. “Well, sometimes he gets an HJ in return, but I don’t think there’s an NCAA law against them.”

If the NCAA continues to pursue its investigation, Manziel will produce “an army of chicks as witnesses, all who will be more than happy to show their [breasts], trust me on this,” said the friend.

In addition to beating back the threat of an NCAA suspension, those close to Manziel hope the stories about signing breasts for free will change the public’s perception of the quarterback.

“He’s a good kid,” said a family member. “Lots of these girls he signed for were sloppy drunk, he didn’t even know their names, yet he signed their breasts and, many times, even took them into his home for the night. Johnny Football? No. How about Johnny Good Samaritan.”

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