Kevin Still Setting His Fantasy Baseball Lineup Every Day

Much to the surprise of everyone else in his fantasy baseball league, Kevin is still setting his lineup every day – and has been since the start of the season back on April 1st.

“It’s amazing. I kind of lost interest in mid-May and I’m the commissioner of our league,” said Steve. “But Kevin … I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m impressed by him or sad for him. Every day he’s setting his lineup, making sure his starting pitchers are set up, checking the waiver wire. Something like 150 days in a row. And for what? I think our league pays out, like, 50 bucks to the winner.”

Despite going on a week-long vacation with his family in late June, Kevin still managed to set his fantasy baseball line up everyday.

“One morning he couldn’t get online so he called me and asked me to set his lineup for him,” said Steve. “He had a Yovani Gallardo start he didn’t want to miss. That’s when I knew we were witnessing something special slash depressing. Despecial, I guess.”

But Kevin sees nothing remarkable about his feat of endurance.

“It’s about doing your best in everything,” he said. “I don’t know if I’d be able to live with myself if I had a guy with an off day in the Utility spot while Nate Schierholtz was sitting on the bench.”

As of this writing, Kevin is in 7th place in his 12-team league.