Johnny Manziel Forced to Cancel Weekend Trip to Vegas After Hearing He’s Not Suspended for Week 1

Manziel-money_originalTexas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel says he has been forced to cancel a “Vegas bro-fest” this weekend after finding out he has not been suspended for the entirety of the Aggies’ opening game against Rice. Instead, he is suspended for just the first half and will be under center at the start of the second half.

“Ah, dammit,” Manziel said when he was told by head coach Kevin Sumlin of his punishment. “Can’t it be for the whole game? I thought I’d at least miss the first game. I’m supposed to be in Vegas from Friday ’til Monday. Non-refundable plane tickets.”

“I thought you would be happy,” said Sumlin.

“Not with a Vegas trip lined up, dawg. And not against Rice,” said Manziel. “I’m Johnny f–king Manziel. Like I don’t have better shit to do than play Rice. You serious? Rice. Come on.”

But Sumlin stuck to the first half punishment, sending his star player moping out of his office.

“Everyone says we gave Johnny a slap on the wrist,” said Sumlin. “But the punishment has to fit the player. And I knew Johnny having to miss his Vegas trip would be far worse for him than missing a few games.”

Manziel says he’ll just schedule another trip to Vegas during the middle of the week.

“I think I can get out of class next week,” he said. “Since it’s at my house. Ha! I’m just pissed I can’t get my money back on those plane tickets. Good thing I made a shitload of money this offseason.”

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(photo via Johnny Manziel’s Instagram)