Jets Disappointed to Discover That Mark Sanchez Didn’t Get Good at Football in the Offseason

Mark Sanchez kskNew York Jets coaches and players today admitted today that their hopes that Mark Sanchez would lead the team to a Super Bowl this season due to flawless play at quarterback will likely not bear fruit.

“He had, what — more than six full months since our last game until camp opened?” said head coach Rex Ryan. “You can accomplish a lot in six months. It was my hope, and the hope of this organization, that maybe he would get really good at football over that time. You know, like an extreme makeover or something. But, unfortunately, he looks as bad as ever. Maybe even worse.”

Sanchez has failed to connect with receivers and made frequent turnovers at Jets camp, drawing boos from fans in attendance. As the season approaches, it appears more and more likely that rookie quarterback Geno Smith will be under center Week 1.

Ryan says he hoped his weight loss would serve as an inspiration for Sanchez.

“I got lap band surgery and a few months later, I look like a totally different guy,” he said. “Granted, there’s no surgery for shitty quarterbacks, but the same principal applies. It’s possible to change. Mark just hasn’t done it.”

But Sanchez doesn’t want his team to give up on him.

“There are still a few weeks until the season starts,” said Sanchez. “I think I have time to figure everything out. I have been watching some football training videos on YouTube and they’re really helping. The guys on there know a lot more about football than anything I’ve ever learned with the Jets.”

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