19 Best Fantasy Football Team Names of 2013

pDSP1-6523924p275wFrom submissions on SportsPickle’s Facebook page. All-time classics such as “Show Me Your TDs,” “Somewhere Over the Dwayne Bowe,” “Revis and Butthead,” etc. and Breesus-related names not included.

My Jim Schwartz Are Dirty

They Took Our Schaubs!

The Wrath of Kuhn

That’s What Snee Said

Brandon Marshall Plan

Coples Therapy

Tasteful Aaron Hernandez Pun

Get Manning a Welker

Cooper Clux Clan

Turn Your Head and Coughlin

Wilfork on the First Date

Kaep n’ Crunch

Another D’Brick in the Wall

Butt Fumblers

Medula Amendola

Dez Dispensers

The Walking Dez

The Blair Walsh Project

Weeden My Brownies