10 Shows Set to Debut on Fox Sports 1

FOX-Sports-1-LogoHannity & Holmes

Show idea: The day’s sports news is discussed and debated from the viewpoint of a loyal Republican and a former heavyweight boxer.

Donovan McNabb Says What We’re All Thinking

Show idea: Former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb says what we’re all thinking. On the debut episode, McNabb says that Aaron Hernandez’s NFL career is probably over. In episode two, McNabb suggests that O.J. Simpson’s days as a product endorser are likely over.

Football Talk with Jimmy Johnson, Brought to You by ExtenZe

Show idea: Former NCAA and NFL coach Jimmy Johnson hosts this football analysis show, breaking down all the top plays from college and pro football. Also covered: achieving and maintaining a rock-hard penis.

Geraldo on Sports

Show idea: A weekly sports news magazine show hosted by FOX News’ Geraldo Rivera focusing on the best and worst mustaches in sports.

Howie Long At the Cinema

Show idea: “NFL on FOX” co-host Howie Long reviews the latest art house releases. Also featured: guest analysts from Long’s work in “Broken Arrow” and “Firestorm,” including Christian Slater, Delroy Lindo and Barry Pepper.

Just Yelling About A-Rod and Tebow

Show idea: This unvarnished show gives sports fans what they claim to hate but will watch anyway: a panel of talking heads yelling nothing but the words “A-Rod” and “Tebow” over top of each other for 30 minutes.

Jay Glazer Versus

Show idea: In this 1-hour weekly show, NFL reporter Jay Glazer beats up another NFL reporter using mixed martial arts. In the second half of the show, Glazer has the crap kicked out of him by an actual MMA fighter.

Same Take / Same Take

Show idea: Boldly refusing to follow the cliched sports “debate” show format of two co-hosts taking differing opinions – as assigned by a producer – on every sports issue, this show features unanimous agreement on every issue. In Episode 1, Ronde Barber opines that steroids will always be a problem in sports. Scott Fujita agrees. The duo also agrees that the Atlanta Braves are the best team in the National League and that the MLS can be a player in international soccer in the next 25 years.

Inside the Games … and Cleavage

Show idea:  A pull-no-punches sports investigative show designed to get to the bottom of the biggest sports issues, no matter what power brokers may be inconvenienced or offended along the way. Presented in split screen with a woman’s cleavage bulging out of a low-cut baseball jersey on the right side of the screen for ratings.

Live Sports

Show idea: Live sports are shown, the idea being that sports fans like live sports and will watch them regardless of anything else that’s on a sports network, good or bad.