10 Amazing Things About the Website of Jim Darnell, Johnny Manziel’s Attorney


1. That logo took no more than four minutes to make.

2. The entire site itself took no more than 20 minutes to make.

3. His partner is Jeep Darnell. Yes, JEEP Darnell.

4. Jim Darnell has been selected for inclusion in “Super Lawyers 2006”! Everyone knows the 2006 edition was the best edition.

5. He’s wearing a friggin’ cowboy hat.

6. His face.

7. There is a picture over his shoulder of a kid in a cowboy hat. Is that Jim as a child? Is it Jeep as a child? Is that child the local sheriff?

8. He apparently only speaks Spanish.

9. His face.

10. Johnny Manziel probably isn’t going to be playing football this year. Crap.

See the whole site here. And when you do visit the site, you’ll get to meet the legendary Jeep Darnell!

Jeep and Jim, as you can see below, have been “privileged” to defend those “accused of murder and assaultive offenses; sex crimes; drug, alcohol and weapons charges; as well as theft and related allegations.” So that’s nice.

Gig ’em!

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