Urban Meyer to Buckeyes Player Robbing Him at Gunpoint: “You owe me a long day in the weightroom tomorrow”

Urban Meyer wikiUrban Meyer was robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot outside of Ohio State’s football facility Monday night by one of his Buckeyes players,  but the head coach said it was just an isolated incident and the program is moving on.

“The media and our program’s critics and rivals want to make a big deal out of the fact that one of my backup defensive lineman held a gun to my head and told me to empty my pockets,” said Meyer. “They want to focus on the negatives of that incident. What they won’t tell you, and what I’m hear to tell you, is the good that came out of it.”

Meyer said he “looked [the player] in the eyes” and said: “Okay, I’ll give you this one armed robbery, but I want to see your best in the weightroom tomorrow. And he did. He busted his ass and he looked good doing it, too, in a nice new wardrobe I assume he bought with my money. If he keeps working hard, he can become an impact player for us. And then who will really care about this armed robbery?”

The former Florida head coach brought a reputation with him from Gainesville of running out-of-control programs, and a string of recent incidences have only led credence to that narrative. But it’s not one Meyer subscribes to.

“It’s easy to sit far away behind a radio microphone or on a computer keyboard and say that I should do this or that. That I should cut these kids from the program,” he said. “But it’s different when you’re responsible for them. When you know them on a personal level. I think people forget that there is a bigger picture. That Ohio State wants to make these people better men. And, most of all and above all else, that we want to be really awesome at football.”

Meyer then excused himself from the interview because his car alarm was going off.

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