Nike Debuts New “I am The Field” Golf Commercial

theFieldfinalJLate in the final round of the British Open — and more than a decade after the iconic “I am Tiger Woods” commercial first ran — Nike Golf aired a new ad with the tagline: “I am The Field.”

“It’s a new golf commercial for a new generation,” said Nike Golf brand manager David Winston. “Kids today have never seen Tiger Woods win a major. They need something they can relate to. They have only seen random people win majors. Guys like Justin Rose and Webb Simpson and Keegan Bradley and whoever the hell else. Tiger Woods is not their hero. The Field is their hero. The Field is who they aspire to be.”

Nike reportedly has had the new commercial in the works for nearly a year as Woods’ slump in majors continued on, but chose to pull the trigger and air the piece at the conclusion of the British Open after Woods collapsed despite briefly holding a lead in the third round.

The new ad features child after child looking into the camera and saying “I am The Field.” One child, a mixed race boy appearing halfway through the spot, says: “I am some white guy I never heard of in a collared shirt and a hat with an insurance company logo on it.”

The ad ends with a child getting hit in the head by an errant Tiger Woods tee shot. The little girl then stands up, bloodied, and declares to the camera: “I am The Field.”