MAC Conference Football Media Day Ends After 35 Minutes of Awkward Silence

MAC Conference logoThe MAC Conference scheduled its annual media day on Tuesday in Detroit, but the event ended approximately 35 minutes after conference commissioner Jon Steinbrecher concluded his opening remarks.

“I’ll now open it up to questions,” Steinbrecher said, finishing his opening statement. All that then broke the minutes of complete silence were the sounds of a handful of reporters shifting in their seats, a cell phone ring and, near the end of the 35 minutes, a loud, rattling fart that seemed to emanate from a snoozing Ball State student newspaper reporter.

“Well … okay,” said Steinbrecher, finally interrupting the silence. “I guess we’re done. Last chance for a question. Anyone?”

“Yes. I wanted to ask,” piped up a reporter from the Ypsilanti Rust Times, ” … wait. No. Nevermind. I’m good.”

“You sure. I have nowhere else to be,” said Steinbrecher.

“Yep. I’m good. Actually, I have to catch a bus, so I have to leave now,” replied the reporter.

“Understood. Okay, everyone, thanks for coming out for the 2013 MAC Conference Media Day!” said Steinbrecher, concluding the event. “You’re welcome to stay for refreshments,” he added, pointing to a folding table in the back of the room with a plate of donuts and a pot of coffee.

UMass athletic director John McCutcheon said he was blown away by the event.

“This is our third one and they get better every year,” he said. “Our old conference didn’t have a media day. I don’t even think it had a logo, so it feels pretty amazing to be in the big-time now. How awesome would it be if the MAC or even UMass gets mentioned in the paper?”