KPMG Hoping to Land Some Sweet New Consulting Clients Off of Phil Mickelson’s British Open Win

Phil Mickelson KPMGFueled by Phil Mickelson’s dramatic come-from-behind victory at the British Open, the golfer’s hat sponsor is hoping to reel in some new clients.

“That was huge for Phil and also huge for us,” said Cliff Vilsavage, chairman of KPMG America. “I mean, if you’re a mid-size to large company looking for tax, audit and consulting services and you see Phil make that charge up the leaderboard, you’re obviously going to think: ‘I bet the company on his hat can make us have the same level of success!’ But not in golf, of course. In business stuff. But it’s all kind of related.”

Vilsavage says he so far hasn’t noticed any direct new business from Mickelson’s win — or any of the golfer’s past titles — but says he expects the phones to start ringing any moment now.

“Golf is just like business consulting. I’m sure I read that in a book somewhere. Or maybe I heard it at a conference,” said Vilsavage. “Either way, it’s true. And the savvy business owner realizes that. Phil winning will generate direct profits for KPMG. We can make businesses get birdies! And by birdies, I mean success in business.”

Barclay’s, the sponsor of Mickelson’s shirts, says they have seen an immediate impact from the golfer’s win, with a man in London opening a checking account this morning with a balance of $635.

“The teller said the guy was wearing golf pants, so she assumed he was a big Mickelson fan,” said Barclays chairman David Walker. “I knew our sponsorship of Phil would pay off. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”