Jaguars Excited for Start of Training Camp: “We all know it only goes downhill from here”

jaguars training camp blackandteelJacksonville Jaguars training camp got under way this week at the team’s training facility and players showed up with a noticeable spring in their step.

“It’s a lot of hard work out here in the sun, but I actually love training camp,” said quarterback Blaine Gabbert. “In fact, it’s by far my favorite part of the whole season. No one booing you. No one intercepting all of your passes and returning them for touchdowns, at least not officially. It’s great. We all love it.”

Long-time Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis says he enjoys training camp more and more every year.

“When I first came here I was more into the regular season,” he said. “But after a few years I realized that was the wrong way to approach it. The regular season will be nothing but sadness and humiliation and depression. If I don’t try to find some joy in training camp and hang onto that as long as possible, I might kill myself.”

First-year Jacksonville head coach Gus Bradley has a different point of view, however. He wants his team focusing on success in the regular season.

“Welcome to training camp, men,” a stern-faced Bradley addressed his team on Day 1 of camp. “I think this time can be a winner and that we can be winners this year.”

The team immediately broke into uproarious laughter.

“Yeah, good one, rookie!” shouted one.

“You’re in for a big surprise!” yelled another.

Bradley was seen slumped over and weeping in a golf cart by the end of practice.

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