Does Yasiel Puig Deserve to be President?

puigThere has been much debate since Yasiel Puig burst into the majors in early June about whether the Dodgers rookie sensation deserves to be an All-Star. Puig has only bolstered his case since his debut, hitting with a high average, slugging home runs and showcasing a rifle arm. Maybe the debate about whether Puig “deserves” to be an All-Star is shooting too low — especially because his All-Star status will be decided by fan vote in MLB’s “Final Vote.”

Maybe the debate should not be about whether or not Yasiel Puig deserves to be an All-Star, maybe it should be about whether or not Yasiel Puig should be President of the United States.

Let’s consider the case for Yasiel Puig, POTUS.

Yasiel Puig would be our first Spanish-speaking president.

The demographics of America are shifting. Puig, whose primary language is Spanish, would represent this new America while also being able to conduct state business in English. There is no downside.

A President Puig would get the youth more involved in government.

Puig is only 22 years-old and would immediately become the youngest president in history. Having a president in the crucial 18-to-34 demographic would give younger Americans someone they could relate to and inevitably lead to more involvement in national and local politics among that group — strengthening our republic in the process.

Puig would open relations with Cuba.

The United States and Cuba have had tense relations since 1959. While Puig defected from Cuba, the United States having a Cuban-born president would no doubt smooth a possible return to normalcy between the two nations separated by just 90 miles of ocean water.

Yasiel Puig is not beholden to special interests.

Puig has made his name on the baseball diamond. He did not make his way into the national spotlight through the ugly world of politics. He has no lobbyists he owes favors to, no corporations or billionaires he would be beholden to. It is not even known what American political party Puig would identify with. The rifle-armed outfielder could govern simply by making decisions that are good for the American people.

President Puig would boost the American economy.

Despite being in the major leagues for little more than a month, Puig’s jersey is 10th in sales in all of Major League Baseball. That’s an immediate economic impact. President Puig means a huge rebound in American manufacturing and retail.

A Yasiel Puig presidency has few downsides. 

The critics of a Puig presidency will probably instantly say: “Because Puig was born in a foreign country and is not 35 years-old, he would be banned by the Constitution from being president.” While it’s true that the Constitution requires a president to be born as an American citizen and at least 35 years of age, there are also things called amendments that could clear the way for a Puig presidency … a presidency that would obviously be a huge success for the reasons outlined above. It would be a great shame if a failure to pass a couple of little amendments stood in the way of a better America.

But, fine. If you think Puig is Constitutionally disqualified from being president, maybe the question is not whether he should be an All-Star or whether he should even be president. Maybe the question is: Should Yasiel Puig be King of Earth?

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