Broncos Haze Rookies by Making Them Get Haircuts Like Peyton Manning’s

Peyton Manning sportsgridDenver Broncos rookies underwent a humiliating hazing ritual this morning at the team’s training camp, as they were held down and given embarrassing haircuts.

The rookies had their foreheads shaved all the way back to their ears and then up to the crown of their heads, with the top of their hair left a little longer to accentuate the absurd look. After getting the cut, the rookies also had a large, red spot painted on the center of their foreheads.

“Ha! You guys look so stupid!” exclaimed cornerback Champ Bailey, doubling over in laughter. “I honestly have never seen anyone look this dumb!”

New Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker said it was the best hazing prank he’s ever seen pulled on rookies.

“I’ve been around the NFL a pretty long time now and this is my third organization,” he said. “But I’ve never seen anything even close to this. That includes in New England when Bill Belichick made all the rookies play an entire practice with a shiv in their ribs. I mean, look at these guys. Their entire face is ruined until their hair grows back. They look like complete dorks.”

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning then jogged onto the field to start practice.

“Oh, hey, fellas. Everyone is looking really good today,” he said. “Alright, let’s get going. We’ve got a lot to accomplish today,” he added, his red forehead spot glowing with excitement.