Astros’ Starting Second Baseman Defects to Cuba

Jose Altuve cespedesfamilyreunionJose Altuve, the second baseman thought by many to be the best player on the Houston Astros, rowed ashore on the northwest coast of Cuba this morning and has petitioned the nation to begin playing in the Cuban National Series, the island’s premier baseball league.

Houston general manager Jeff Luhnow admitted this morning that Altuve defected and said that keeping players from fleeing his team has “definitely been one of the biggest challenges of the season. We have team security assigned to the job, but even they can’t keep an eye on everyone all the time.”

The tiny 5-foot-5 infielder rowed 1,000 miles from Galveston Bay to Cuba’s coast before coming ashore, exhausted. It is not believed that anyone has ever completed such a trip before.

“Never underestimate the power of the human spirit,” said Altuve’s agent, Scott Pucino. “And definitely never underestimate the desire of someone to not play for the Astros. Nothing is impossible when you have that goal driving you.”

Altuve’s baseball future will now be in the hands of Cuban officials.

“I understand his desire to get away from the Astros,” said a Cuban National Series official. “But we are a reputable baseball league that plays at a high-level. It is insulting that an Astros player thinks he can make any of our teams.”

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