Astros’ All-Star Representative Amazed by Everyone Making Contact in Batting Practice

Jason Castro AstrosThe Houston Astros’ lone and required representative at the MLB All-Star Game said today that he has been “in total shock” over how good everyone at the All-Star festivities is at baseball.

“My jaw keeps dropping wide open,” said the guy in the Astros jersey. “These guys are amazing. They make contact on every pitch in batting practice. Every pitch! And they don’t just foul them off either. They’re hitting them out of the infield and beyond. It’s remarkable.”

The guy said that no one All-Star batting practice session he has seen more contact than he witnessed all season with the Astros.

“Not one guy struck out!” exclaimed the Astros guy. “Well, no one other than me. But I was so inspired by being near all of these great players that I fouled off five pitches before striking out. The coach who was pitching had some nasty stuff. I battled. I’m proud of how I represented the Astros.”

Jim Leyland, the manager of the American League team, says the Astros guy is confused about what he witnessed.

“That wasn’t the American League All-Star team batting practice that he saw,” said Leyland. “He actually took part in a charity batting practice event for local Little League teams. He’s really going to be wowed when he sees real major leaguers.”